What to expect....


What is a worship service like?

Restoration is a lively community of all ages that gathers to bring glory to Jesus. The backbone of our worship service is the liturgy of the Anglican church which we endeavor to make accessible to the even the newest worshipper. Our service is comprised of music, readings from the Bible, a sermon that shares the Gospel, and receiving Communion. We are joyful and reverent in our worship and encourage everyone to respond to the call to come and worship Jesus.

How long will the service last?

Come as early as you like to grab some coffee in our kitchen and mingle with ministry leaders before the service. We begin the service at 10:00 a.m. and end a little before 11:30 a.m.

What do people wear?

Most worshippers dress casually and we encourage you to come in whatever you feel most comfortable wearing in a worship setting.

What is available for children?

We offer a nursery for children ages 0-3. The door to the nursery is to the left as you enter the building. Elementary children are included in the service and dismissed for their own lesson during the sermon and then released back to parents for the eucharist. Children of any age are welcome in any part of the worship service. Please read more about children in worship in the Restoration community.

Who will lead the service?

Our pastor Jed oversees each worship service. Services include songs led by our band and music director, readings by lay people, a sermon from the members of our teaching team, prayers from the whole congregation, and the eucharist where a priest celebrates at the communion table.

What kind of music will be sung?

We choose hymns, contemporary choruses, and liturgical songs that are a right and true response to God’s work on our behalf. You can expect a lot of variety and hear the overflow of our hearts in song as we worship together.

Am I expected to give money?

No one should feel pressure to put an offering in the basket when it is passed during the service. Guests are not expected to make a financial contribution to Restoration.

Will I be asked to do anything unexpected?

We are a liturgical church and liturgy means the “work of the people” so you can be expect an ongoing invitation to read responsively and sit and stand throughout the worship service. Prayers and readings are projected onto a screen so that everyone can participate together.

We also observe the practice of passing the peace between worshippers. At a significant moment in the service we greet others with handshake and say, “The peace of the Lord be with you!” or simply “Peace!” It may seem unusual but it represents the peace of God’s forgiveness that we receive from him and share with others. Please participate as you feel comfortable.

Am I expected to receive communion?

We do celebrate communion weekly but no one is required to come forward and participate. We invite anyone who is baptized and professes faith in Jesus from any Christian denomination to come forward with the congregation and receive the bread and the wine that is offered. We will also gladly offer a prayer of blessing for anyone who comes forward and cannot or prefers not to receive the communion elements.